Moon Rising

Posted on Sep 6, 2012


He’s feeling different
Has been for a while
Something he can sense
Across many miles
His hearing sharp
Like his eyesight
Quick at catching carp
He can see in the night
But every so often
With the moon rising
Fat, full, like a song
He hears something calling
It’s then the pain comes
Excruciating and intense
Especially the teeth in his gums
From this pain no defence
Then it’s over once again
He awakes from a dream
A nightmare hell sent
No-one would believe
Images flash his mind
Of sharp teeth and claws
Hunting for food to find
Eating something bloody and raw
Then a howl to the moon
Blood-curdling and chilling
It’ll happen again soon
He’ll become this awful being
Oh how he does wish
He had never shot that Wolf
That bit him on the fist
What a stupid fool
Now the curse rules his life
Till he dies or bites another
But alone in the countryside
Except for his wolf brothers

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