Old Hag

Posted on Jul 18, 2012


Asleep in bed he suddenly awakes
Eyes flash open in alarm
Something in the room with him
That wishes to do him harm

Pitch black it is
Frozen, he cannot move at all
Only his eyes will move
His voice cannot even call

Paralysed and afraid
There moves a figure as black as night
Slowly drifting closer to him
It gives him a terrible fright

He tries to scream but silence falls
As the shape moves closer to he
Cowled in robes from head to toe
He cannot from his paralysis break free!

He knows then this thing before him
Old as time, ancient and wrinkled
Evil beyond all words this old hag
Her covered face and foetid breath almost level

Oh please no, oh please go away
He thinks, almost at his face now
Sweat and primal fear from him pour
Frozen still, he cannot shout!

Suddenly from the depths of his soul
He screams loud and clear
The old hag takes flight
From him disappears

Now at last he can move again
Praise be he thinks
He hopes to never see her again
Or whatever it is she wants to bring

**This is from a recurring nightmare I used to have for about a year or so. It scared the hell out of me and I’m glad to say I haven’t had it since and touch wood I never shall again. The Old Hag in question I found out later goes back thousands of years to our primal past. She has always been around throughout history and has stayed pretty much the same throughout time too. There’s plenty of info online about her if you wish to look her up. Scientifically it’s a sleeping disorder due to the stresses of life and so on but none of the theories explain why it’s always a very old and ancient woman who you never really see but know and why you can smell her too.
Happy nightmares!

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