The Last Battle

Posted on Dec 29, 2013


The Battle of Camlann

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*The third and final part of the Pendragon trilogy

Swords clash and ring out loud
as they mingle with screams and shouts
Blood flows and spatters wide
as from the horrors, no-one can hide

The Knights fight for honour and glory
and for their King to continue his story
But they know something is amiss
as all about them is Death’s kiss

This battle like no other
as friend fights with brother
By the trees a figure looks on
knowing it’s the end of this song

The Red Dragon fights against the White
valiantly and with all their might
But too much the Saxon horde
who fight on and come evermore

He looks sad, wishing to interfere
but the druid must not go near
For it was written long ago
that the king would be dealt a fatal blow

That his time would be at an end
from destiny there is no defence
Still though he looks on with eyes so sad
as men fight for more than just land

The druid then hears a scream
as time stops then it seems
‘It is done then,’ he sighs
knowing he too will have his time

‘The King is Dead!’ someone roars
even the birds stop and look to the moor
The Battle of Camlann is over now
Ynys Prydein is no more, but life will go on somehow

So the druid Myrddin turns away
and disappears in the mist and trees that day
As Arthur lays dead on the field of blood
Killed by Medraut, taken away to Avalon with love

For dead he isn’t just yet
but at the gates he is close to death
It was written though he would return
and right the wrongs of his land that now burns

Caliburnus shall rise once again…

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