The Battle of Badon

Posted on Dec 29, 2013


*Part two of the Pendragon trilogy

The mist shrouds the field of battle
but still you can hear the screams of death
Of the warriors who fought bravely on
dying now with their last breath

Badon hill is awash with blood
heroes face down, some dead they are
Stories will be told generations down
told from near and far

What was fought here was the defence of the realm
from across the water they came, Prydein bound
To take what didn’t belong to them
determined to break the Red Dragon on home ground

So the White Dragon moves ever forwards
pushing the defenders further back
But they reckoned not on a great warrior
who would defend his people til death, front and back

And so he came from out of the mists
with sword gleaming, into body and bone he thrusts
His fury is unmatched on the field
as one after another does fall under Caliburn’s cuts

So they turn tail and retreat
tails between their legs they flee
Too early did they invade
formidable enemies met in their lust and greed

So Artor wins a famous battle
A King like no other before
who unites his people and his land
keeping fair justice and law

But the peace will not last
for another prophecy is told
Of the death of a great King
and the end of Prydein old

The ways of Myrddin and his people will go
replaced by new religions and laws
Becoming faerie-tale to many
the past just a question, a why and what for?

But for now they live in peace
in which many years will pass
Only small skirmishes will ensue
until that battle last…

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