As the Arrow Flies

Posted on Aug 18, 2013


Robin Hood

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Running through the woods
chased by the sheriff’s men
Who are after the Hood
that has embarrassed them
By stealing from the Prince
who would be King
That rules with
fear, misery he brings

But the Hooded Man
fights for the repressed
Giving back to them
what once was theirs
A thorn in the side
he has been
This shadow, this ghost
of Sherwood green

Battled for years has
the outlaw of Sherwood
Doing all he can
for the great and the good
Now though his time
is up he knows
He’ll be buried as the
arrow flies where trees but grow

His name will pass
into legend and myth
Giving hope to
kin and kith
Maybe one day
one will come along
To sing of his deeds
and right all the wrongs

Until then only the
forest sings his name
And of his men
who fought with arrow and blade
They whisper and sigh
of the Locksley man
And now he died by
an enemies lucky hand

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