Perfect Day

Posted on Nov 16, 2014


Woman walking outdoors amongst autumn falling leaves

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Halfway through November, a grey sky in pain
Yet she awoke afresh, determined to change
The past now to sleep laid to bed
The future is calling in her head

So out of bed she flies in a cheery mood
Under the shower then a drink and food
Today she’s going to push himself harder
Those dreams she’s chased so long are coming closer

The year for her has been a funny one
Sometimes she’s been sad, others she’s loved
But more or less focused has she been
She’s relied on no-one, for no-one to lean

So much has happened these past four years
So much she’s taken, but barely shed a tear
But kept in all inside has she
A future she’s focused on, the dream to be free

On and on does she fight through
Now ignoring those who knock her back true
She’s fed up of being there for so many
Those she would help, that would take her last penny

She would give it to them too as her heart is pure
It’s what drives her on, it’s at her core
This world she’s served too long
She would like something back, just a little, is this wrong?

Usually she doesn’t ask for a thing
She’s just happy to see a smile that she can bring
But as she gets older time does tick away
No she wants her own life, to find that perfect day

*First published on November 1st 2011 at 9:48 and re-edited on 16th November 2014 at 1057

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