Time to Kill

Posted on Nov 15, 2014


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She sits on the sofa, watching the TV
Not taking it in, her eyes don’t see
For she’s thinking of tonight
Time to kill, till she’s with Mr right

Over in a different part of town he’s out
On his bike, peddling fast, giving it some clout
His focus should be on the road ahead
But it’s on the girl he’s to meet instead

She’s debating what to do and what to wear
When she sees him will he care
She hopes that it all goes so well
A perfect choice, a story to tell

He cycles back home, shattered now
Sweat does pour from his brow
His showers and changes ready for the date
This girl he asked for dinner at eight

She’s excited now, butterflies aflutter
She hopes to god she doesn’t stutter
In less than two hours she’ll be there
At the restaurant, at each other they’ll stare

But two hours they both have, time to kill
They both leave early, Dutch courage they need to fill
So in a pub they both sit, awaiting the other
Little realising that they are being watched by another

In separate pubs they both sit, just minutes away
Both while away the hour, talking to another face
Engrossed are they that time slips to fate
Time has passed by, already late

Both leave their pubs to meet the other
But in haste pass by one another
A lost moment of union gone
Just another sad sorry song

*First published October 26th 2011 at 15:30 and re-edited 15th November 2014 at 2010

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