Posted on Dec 15, 2015


Commander Tim Peake courtesy of the

Commander Tim Peake courtesy of the

Today a humble hero goes into space
To the ISS he will live through three seasons
Watching the world spin below
As we watch in rapt awe

This Starman goes where many have gone before
He not the first Briton up there either
Yet history is made this day
As he sits and waits for the launch

With two colleagues is he
Patiently waiting in expectation
For the rockets to fire and to lift-off
To power ahead to their new home

Inspiring many down on earth
Many children look on and up in wonder
These heroes brave for our futures
two hundred and twenty miles up

And Soyuz blasts off in expectant fashion
What must be going through their minds
As our hero leaves our Earth
The final countdown over now

It’s a beautiful day for him and many more
Six hours until he docks
His life today has changed
This Starman what next for him we wonder

Is there life on Mars?
Maybe not, but there’s life in space
This Spaceman
And a mission to the stars

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