The Smell of Memories

Posted on Nov 11, 2014


St Canice's Cathedral and Round Tower, Kilkenny, Ireland

St Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower, Kilkenny, Ireland Picture courtesy of

The smell of Welsh Rarebit wafts up the stairs
As I sit stomach rumbling on my chair
The cheese bubbling away under the grill
My mouth watering for this food still

The smell reminds of good times in Éire
Where I lived and knew who looked back in the mirror
Above a bookies did I reside
From the 3.30 at the Curragh I could not hide

I would walk down by the River Nore
The lifeblood of Kilkenny City long before
Up to Kilkenny Castle I would go
Lost in the grounds where flowers grow

Into Carpe Diem I would sit and drink
Read the paper or a book and think
In a large cellar this bar is built
Never I saw one drink ever spilt

Opposite a pub of renown called Kyeteler’s Inn
Where Alice was tried for a mortal sin
A witch was she tried for her crimes
Burnt at a stake the legend says in those times

I lived opposite St Canice’s Cathedral and Tower
From where the monks would hide from Cromwell and glower
One hundred feet high it stands proud
Although I felt sick at the top with the clouds

And then there was the smell of the Brewery near
God how I miss the Kilkenny and Smithwick’s Beer!
Even though it was Guinness I drank
Heaven sent like Beamish with grateful thanks

I miss Kilkenny so very much but had to move
For my heart yearned for something more, to sooth
The west coast is where I belong
With mountains, beaches rich in song

Back soon I go though to see family and friends
With that place my soul to make amends
For the smell of memories is within me strong
Next time I shan’t leave it so long

*First published on September 7th 2011 at 13:16 and re-edited and rewritten on 11th November 2014 at 2145

If you are interested in visiting Kilkenny then please visit the tourism site here

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