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Posted on Jan 11, 2016


David-Bowie-Coloured-Painting | ¡NO MÁS!

David Bowie Coloured Painting courtesy of ¡NO MÁS! and

I awoke this morning in a daze and hazily looked at a text from an eccentric friend I have and was shocked to what he had sent me. It said that David Bowie had ‘gone’ and my mind spun at that. What did he mean? Was I in deep sleep and dreaming? Was I still half asleep and having a lucid dream? I had no idea but I was numb when I saw it. Disbelieving what my friend had written, believing him to be just his eccentric self I went on to Twitter but the damn thing would not connect. I then tried to switch my TV on and that too would not switch on. Dread filled my being and I eventually got it all working to find out that my worst fears had been confirmed; that David Bowie had died.

As I write this I am still in a state of shock as a fan of his for we all believe our heroes to be immortal and David Bowie was one of those you expected to go on until he reached a century or more. He had a god-like appearance, like something from Ancient Greece. I saw Christopher Lee, John Thaw and Robin Williams in the same way, perhaps because they are so out of reach to us mere mortals and we can only but dream of being in their shadows.

They always say never meet your heroes but everyone who seems to have met Bowie only have nice things to say about him. He never seemed pretentious or looked down at other people. He was an inspiration to many and always will be. It is just a shame that there will be no more new music after his recent release Blackstar, just days before he died. I felt the same about Gary Moore when he passed away as he was about to work on something new but fate intervened sadly. You cannot escape it can you although I am determined to try…

The legacy he has left is immense and he has been a huge inspiration to many across the world since he burst onto the scene in the sixties. His creative tendrils have spread far and wide across the decades and into many other artists but none can match him for his talent which still blows you away when you see and listen to it. I was born in 1972 so grew up with his talent throughout my life and loved pretty much everything he turned to. It is hard for me to pick a song by him as a favourite for he did so many but Life on Mars sends the hairs on my arms on end every time that I hear it. I think I will be playing that a few times today.

I also love China Girl, Starman, Modern Love, Absolute Beginners, Space Oddity and many others of course. His films like The Man Who Fell to Earth was weirdly brilliant and as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth was just stunning; a film I saw at the cinema with my little brother and sister. I actually watched it a couple of weeks ago, little knowing that he would be gone from us all too soon. My other favourite of his was Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, an absolutely brilliant film and one you must watch if you have not seen it.

As a fan he will be a great loss to music, film and the creative industry in general and whilst I am not into patriotism I am quite proud to be British where certain things are concerned like Bowie who was and is an icon of Britain. He always will be. I will miss that silky smooth voice of his very much as well as that huge boundless talent.

But he was not immortal and the dreaded cancer took him away all too soon and we have to remember he was just like us even though that is hard to think on; and that he has left a wife and two children behind and it is them that we should think of today and that is where my heart lies.

David Bowie 1947-2016 - BBC News

David Bowie 1947-2016 – BBC News

Most of us are survived by family but Bowie will be remembered always by everyone who loved his style and grace. Play a song of his, watch a film and appreciate what he has left us behind, his gifts to the world.

Rest in peace David Jones, aka David Bowie, you will be missed. The stars do indeed look very different today…