Blood Over the Rainbow

Posted on Jun 19, 2016


I wrote this last week in response to the terrible tragedy in Orlando

Blood mingled with a rainbow

Picture courtesy

People excitedly prepare
Ready for their night out to party
Of what’s to come they’re unaware
Will anybody ever be truly free?

Happy faces went out that night
But not for long sad to say
For their was a monster out of sight
Who went also with a mind to slay

His mental health off the scale
His record clean to buy guns
In this the government fails
But all they do is count the green, do their sums

Blood over a rainbow fell that day
Daesh taking responsibility for the crime
But the slaughter was done by one alone some say
His warped views taken control of his mind

So the forty-nine were taken away too soon
And the NRA defend their rights
More death like this looms
Unless they change the law this night

Rest in peace you forty-nine brave
Fare you well you many injured too
Don’t fill your hearts with fear or hate
Forgive the mad, deny the few

Look to somewhere over the rainbow
Find your pot of gold
Live in hope, live to love
Don’t let negative thoughts take a hold

*Dedicated to all those who died or were injured in Orlando on Sunday 12th June 2016. Our thoughts are with you and your families…


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