Down in Brighton Town

Posted on Dec 5, 2015


Sailing ships off Brighton Beach by Darren Greenidge

Sailing ships off Brighton Beach by Darren Greenidge

I am not political as such
Yet liberal to a point am I
We all have our limits

But down in Brighton town
You can be anyone you want
Nobody bats an eyelid

This friendly place warm
A smile here, a twinkle there
Content your soul feels

Full of eccentric people
Creative juices flow
Down Bohemia street

London rich price out the poor
Rents sky high even for a shed!
To live in historical build my wish

Boats bobbing at the marina
Tourists and locals flock together
And fishermen wait patiently

Whilst on the beach tourists eat
Fish and chips the required choice
Gulls like pterodactyl’s gather and dive

Sitting in the window of the Fortune of War
Watching the world go by sea and shore
At peace with oneself, contentedly

Oh how I love it down in Brighton town
The blues banished in a moment
Always a story to be told

Down in Brighton town

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