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The Good Fight

Sep 12, 2015


*For those who are feeling down. Don’t let life get on top of you. Seize the day and make that change! You are never alone… Her day almost over she hopes it to be Fed up to the back teeth of insecurity Of those that try to put her down And tread her under in […]

Distant Memory

Aug 29, 2015


*The following poem is dedicated to Palmyra and its heroic retired antiquities chief Khaled al-Asaad who was beheaded by ISIL after being tortured for a month to get information about the city and its treasures, refusing to give any information to his captors and ultimately lost his life for it. May he always be remembered […]

Fire and Ice

Aug 22, 2015


So I reside in fire and ice My heart split in two Daemons claw and fight My soul they devour true This inner rage burns Hot, its flame roars The heat rises in a crescendo My temperature soars And yet my heart burns cold too Icy tendrils clutch about My emotions raw with turmoil No-one […]

If Only I had a Time Machine

Aug 22, 2015


I sit typing my life away Dreaming of all I could be Looking back on my past As far as the mind can see I shake my head in sadness At all that has gone on by Many opportunities wasted It’s no wonder inside I cry What with bills to pay, food on the table […]

New Skin

Aug 18, 2015


So the wind comes to wash her away But here will she stay The old skin shedding this day A new skin born today A new life she will follow Wherever it leads she will go That inner voice she will say no She has to if she’s to grow This is the life in […]

Another Five Years

May 8, 2015


Tory blue covers yellow and red Leaving all other pretty much dead Except for the thistle who pricked a few thumbs A nationalist song is now hummed Heads will roll and blood will spill Whilst the people who voted don’t believe it’s real Another five years of hardships and cuts I for one have, like […]

Muppets and Lies

May 6, 2015


So here we go again Another election, a cross to bare These Muppets with their lies Who are they kidding with their crocodile cries It’s us who are always left last The ones who scrimp and save Only for it to go from one hand to another They never listen Only when it’s too late […]

Conformity Road

Apr 25, 2015


The man he gets up early But no work has he His frame a little bit burly He likes a good feed A woman across from him Lives her life selflessly She does good without sin A good person she tries to be But are struggling in Their own way A life journey they have […]

Tomorrow’s World

Apr 18, 2015


Tomorrow’s world is yesterday’s past Can you see it coming, it’s so fast! Technology changes all the time Life will neither be yours nor mine Computers control our everyday needs Dependent are we on its electrical seed The time will come that we’ll all wither and die And computers will evolve into a life form […]

Brick Wall

Apr 12, 2015


Banging your head against a wall You wonder what it’s all for Every morning you rise and fight Another day gone that didn’t go right Yet another comes in its place Another with a two-sided face That leaps out of you and gives you a start That you worry about your sanity and heart Would […]