The Good Fight

Posted on Sep 12, 2015


*For those who are feeling down. Don’t let life get on top of you. Seize the day and make that change! You are never alone…

sad girl

Picture courtesy of photographer

Her day almost over she hopes it to be
Fed up to the back teeth of insecurity
Of those that try to put her down
And tread her under in the mud of her town

Been through hell and back these past few years
By god has she shed a few tears
And sometimes like today, she just wants to give in
But then those who bully her will always win

You have to fight against those ignorant fools
Insignificant are they, not cool
They bully others to hide their own pain
Their frustrations turned against others time and again

She knows this deep down inside
But sometimes from trouble she cannot hide
Maybe to move away and begin again?
A new start away with others she can blend

For she does not fit in with some anymore
Maybe they weren’t really friends before?
Just people you meet everyday
Those who drain your spirit away

Some you never see you do not notice
Deep down it’s those you miss
Forgotten because you tread a different path
And in doing so your soul you starve

So much pain in her heart
If only she could get that start
Too many sacrifices she has made
She should be free before time does fade

So never be defeated by back-stabbers knives
And never from them hide
Just grab life by the horns
And they will be dust, forgotten and gone

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