You Are Never Alone

Posted on Sep 12, 2015


Black Dog

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Fight the darkness from within
Do not let the black dog in
Don’t let it rear its ugly head
Focus on what could be instead

Leave behind the negative traits
Let them from you fade
The world is your oyster if you let it be
Don’t hold back, set yourself free

Just don’t fall into the same trap again
Start a new sheet with a mightier pen
You have much to live for in this crazy world
Please don’t give in, you’re a rare pearl

Just have faith in what you can do
Retrain, refresh, learn to breath, be you
Ignore others words of bile
Part of life’s trial

You shall be fine, just keep from bad things
Before you know it, positive things will ring
And then you’ll look back in reflection
At what you did to take a new direction

You are never alone, don’t forget
Only you think that from the outset
Have faith and believe
See through the darkness and the trees

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