Something in the Stars

Posted on Sep 13, 2015


Taurus Constellation Picture courtesy of

Taurus Constellation
Picture courtesy of

*I read my stars/horoscope today (I’m a Taurus and yes I know, they’re fanciful but I find that they sometimes help in my decisions on what I am already thinking anyway where those close to me cannot or will not help. Sometimes it takes a stranger to guide you to where you need to be which is ironic considering what it said today! Anyway, it helped me to write this poem too and this is what it said.


Assertiveness is the keyword for today. Some days are meant for action, and this is one of them! You won’t get anything you really want by waiting for it to come to you, or assuming others know what you need. Take control of the situation and let those who can help know what you want and what you need to get it. You need to assume a leadership role, and guide those around you to goals that are best for all

*Courtesy of Daily Horoscopes: Facebook

Taurus courtesy of Daily Horoscopes: Facebook

Taurus courtesy of Daily Horoscopes: Facebook

So to the poem:

I read today how to be assertive
To grab the bull by the horns
Let the beast within be free
To ride with me as a free spirit
To free myself from restraints

But as ever I have to fight
For nowt wished for comes a-knocking
You have to open that door
Give Fate and Destiny a helping hand
Enter a brave new world

Those you believe can help. rarely do
Search for those who can
Let them inspire you and
You inspire others in return
Only then can you be free

Do not let others hold you back
Tell them it’s time to let you go
You have a life to lead
As it passes you by in a flurry
Take the risks and become what you’re destined to be

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