Conformity Road

Posted on Apr 25, 2015


Life of Conformity in a Free Society

Life of Conformity in a Free Society courtesy of

The man he gets up early
But no work has he
His frame a little bit burly
He likes a good feed

A woman across from him
Lives her life selflessly
She does good without sin
A good person she tries to be

But are struggling in
Their own way
A life journey they have been
Living day by day

The burly man his dreams
Long gone
He fought, gave up it seems
Took many paths wrong

Whilst the good girl has
Done the same
Fought all her life she had
No-one does she blame

He blames overs for his mistakes
For the paths he has taken
No dream home for him by the lakes
In conformity road he lives forsaken

But she still fights
For that break
Guided by her faiths light
This the path she did take

Why oh why oh why
Do they struggle so?
Why oh why oh why
Does one fight and one flow?
On conformity Road

*First published on March 8th 2012 at 1323 and re-edited on 25th April 2015 at 2020

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