Her Tired Eyes

Posted on Apr 25, 2015


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She awakes with a yawn after a nap
Afternoon now, her cat on her lap
Her tired eyes stinging still
Water splashed over, they do kill

Her day is empty, nothing to do
Bored is she, so she cooks some food
No hobbies does she really have
Food she eats that’s very bad

She wiles away the time with bad TV
Not really taking in what she sees
Her life is empty without direction
Nothing keeps her long in imagination

So the days pass to weeks and into months
Her dole cheque spent on bills that come
The rest she spends on food and beer
The later the most, her head never clear

A call she receives from a friend to go out
Up she gets when she gets the shout
So in a bar she now finds herself drinking
A friend who spends their cash without thinking

The day ends as she staggers home drunk
Her friend gone too, her heart now sunk
For she goes home to problems and loneliness
She thinks of her past more, not less

For this is why she is the way she is
Her past never leaves her, no happy bliss
She sits alone and cries sometimes
Wondering if happiness she’ll ever find…

*First published on November 15th 2011 at 1125 and re-edited on 25th April 2015

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