The Dream of Maybe

Posted on May 4, 2015


Girl Standing Alone In A Crowd...  courtesy of

Girl Standing Alone In A Crowd…
courtesy of

Out for a stroll in the autumn sun
She walks past people with money to burn
Rushing in and out of shops they go
All like ants in an organised flow

Not her though as she slowly moves through
The maddening crowds she wants to lose
To a park with the peace of autumn to herself
Where she’ll dig deep inside, answers to help

All she wants is a way out of the rut
The conformity of life that bores her much
Money always an issue with her though
Family and friends take it, hard come, easy go

Now she dreams of a way out, far away to be
To live a new life and to finally be free
She’s been stuck in this cycle of boredom blues
Drifting from day-to-day, time she does lose

No-one gives a damn about her or her dreams
Only if she’s a success will she be noticed and seen
She knows this as she sits under a tree on crinkly leaves
Golds, reds and browns, fallen from above, they are free

Roots they’ll set in natures cycle, their destiny
Even when they float away they haven’t far been
But at least they have tried to escape the huge tree
Do they, like her, have the dream of maybe?

*First published on November 14th 2011 at 1809 and re-edited on 4th May 2015 at 1246

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