Posted on Jan 14, 2015


*Based on the brilliant haiku by Sumyth which you can view here along with his other fantastic work.


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Enemies stare across the field
Each waiting to make the first move
The ordinary soldiers, the pawns
The first line of defence and attack

Whilst the Knights stood guard
Protecting their King and Queen
Behind their Castle walls
And the Bishop says his prayers

And then the Black Dragon’s move
The White prepared and ready
Let battle commence they scream
As White slips through in defiance

One by one they fall
Pawn, Bishop, Knight cut down
Attacks cut to the quick
Both sides slayed by fast minds

And then the final confrontation comes
The final battle, the final fight
The blow is struck in thoughtless emotion
It’s this that’s killed the scattered few

The Queen took a step forwards
Checkmate! She mischievously whispered
Surrounded, nowhere to turn
The King fell at her mercy

The battle was over
The war was won…

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