The Wolf Within by Shaun Ellis

Posted on Jan 4, 2015


The Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Wolf – Shaun Ellis with Penny Junor

The Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Wolf – Shaun Ellis with Penny Junor
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Let me start by saying that I was reluctant to read this book at first and had put it off for a few months before finally picking it up a few weeks ago. The reason I was reluctant to read it at this point in my life was because I knew that it was going to be inspiring and amazing and it would make me yearn even more for the dreams I have and the ones it would also give me as I read.

I bought a handful of books to read about Wolves and other things that would lift me up at certain times and on certain journey’s but with The Wolf Within by Shaun Ellis, I just could not resist it any longer, so on one cold night after finishing a novel, I picked up this book and began to read…

Shaun Ellis is a complex individual with big ideas and simple needs. Whilst most of us search for our true paths and get stuck in mundane lives, Ellis found his from an early age whilst living on his beloved grandparents farm as a child. He saw wildlife and farm animals from birth to death and learned more about the natural world than many a child would ever do or will ever do.

It was whilst watching foxes at play that his interest began to deepen in wildlife. Whilst many feared the Fox, Ellis gained their trust, learning that they were nothing to fear but were an animal trying to stay alive like as humankind took more and more of the land, pushing animals further out and at the same time drawing them in.

Years later after his personal circumstances changed in many ways, he joined the British Army and the 29 Commando Regiment of the Royal Artillery where he learned many survival skills to add from what he had learned as a child on the farm. By now he was restless, knowing his life was not going where he thought it should be going.

Eventually left the forces and went in search of his destiny which took him to Idaho and The Wolf Education and Research Centre and the people of the Nez Perce. It was there that he found his calling that would lead him to live with wolves out there and here in the UK; losing relationships, family almost and even himself along the way. But destiny and fate are funny women and always lead you on in their misty shrouds until you find them in the fog…

The book is pretty much a bare-all of Shaun’s life and struggles in pursuit of not just a dream, but his destiny and you feel for him and his family as he moves forwards living in not so wonderful accommodation at times but at home living with his beloved Wolves.

At times I felt I was there with him on his journey and in the forest as he spent almost two years living with wolves alone in the wild. I wanted to be there with him and learn! Then I woke up and realised that this incredible man has had much training to be able to survive in such extreme conditions and circumstances and it nearly killed him! I was and am still in awe of his incredible feat and what he is trying to do to help these magnificent animals and educate people about them and he has put up with much resistance along the way from various groups who I shan’t name here. All that matters is that he listens to them, never criticises their methods (but questions some) and does his own thing. He takes everything on board whilst

He and his wolves have moved from his premises at Combe Martin Wildlife Park and are currently temporarily at Dartmoor Zoo in Sparkwell until they have a new home in which the wolves can settle into. Combe Martin will be a poorer place without him but I am sure he Shaun feels no ill towards them and will only grow in stature as he gets a better premises for his wolves.

Shaun Ellis the Wolf Brother Picture courtesy of

Shaun Ellis the Wolf Brother
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There is an old website and a new one that is still being set up by the looks of things for some small links do not work but you will get all the information you need to understand what is going on. There is also a page where you can donate towards the new site. I am sure every penny helps in his and his teams cause.

Please read this book and learn from his story. It truly is inspiring. He has a follow-up as well that I have yet to read myself as well as DVD’s that you can buy from his online shop. I personally think it needs to add more items to it to help fund the new park like artwork and sculptures of the animals they have, maybe even jewellery of some fashion in a Celtic or Pictish design that would be mostly Wolf related. Every little helps as they say.

Take a look. Help, buy, donate or just be inspired and spread the word. Anything helps I am sure. May he and his team be successful and his animals be safe and happy in their new home wherever that may eventually be.

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