Sea of Red

Posted on Nov 11, 2014


A variation on the poem River of Blood I wrote on Remembrance Sunday based on the fantastic and humbling work of art by Paul Cummins

Tower of London Poppies

The Tower of London remembers the fallen with 888,246 poppies
Picture courtesy of
Created by Paul Cummins Twitter: @TowerPoppies #TowerPoppies

A sea of flowing red
To commemorate the war dead
Pours from ruins old
Where many a haunted story told

Bloody battles took place
For the ideals of the human race
Where child and man fought side by side
A thousand warriors against a tide

Screams and cries mingled with explosions
The sounds of war raw in emotions
As many a son cut down
The bullet showing no mercy now

So we remember them twice a year
A two minutes silence, a sorrowful tear
The Unknown Soldier silently rests
Silently guarding the heroic dead

They shall never be forgotten, the whys and what for’s
This Armistice Day and forever more
We will remember them…

*Below are various charitable organizations who would appreciate any help you can give them or one’s closer to you if not in the UK.

Confederation of Service Charities
Coming Home Campaign
Combat Stress
The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
Help for Heroes

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