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Guinness, Whiskey and a Lost Weekend

Aug 23, 2012


Enough stress, to hell with it! Time to relax a little bit Away to drink with his friends For Guinness, whiskey and a lost weekend So off they go down the coast Unpack their bags and start the toast All down their whiskies around noon Have they started off a little too soon? Enough stress, […]


Aug 16, 2012


I watch the Basket sitting sentinel Keeping guard over its possessions Awaiting that moment of pure elation When it’s free once more from its chains It’ll carry friends far and wide Rising higher and higher To and infinite, beautiful, cloudless sky Soaring to the heavens at last free But at the moment it awaits Patient […]

Chip On Your Shoulder

Jul 16, 2012


Oi! Mr Angry Calm yourself down You’re acting Like the class clown What is your problem That you always rant Upsetting others Whenever you can? A chip on your Shoulder is what I see Is this the way It’s always been? Doing you no favours In your life No wonder you’re Alone, have no wife […]

The Ballywotsitmabob

May 31, 2012


Late one night he heard a sound Coming from the mansion grounds Not far from the woods he thought Maybe it was a poacher in a trap caught? But a funny sound did it make Like a fox and a chicken, the sound did grate So deciding to go see what it was he heard […]


May 25, 2012


Music playing loud This festival of music When he decides What the hell to lose it So off he goes for a beer or two Friend in tow An idea to mind As the drink does flow It’s then they hear A scream from high So they look up To the happy cry For falling […]

Flat 52

Apr 28, 2012


Flat 52 I’m coming for you for your ignorance hasn’t a clue Flat 52 you better hide For the devil gonna take you for a ride Your foolish behaviour bugs me Why oh why can’t you see Playing away till the wee small hours The devils eyes at you glower Flat 52 I’m coming for […]

Crazy Goose

Apr 20, 2012


Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose Where have you been It’s been a while Since you were last seen Oh Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose Back in your usual spot Outside that bank How much money have you got? Oh Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose In the doorway you look Is it your reflection You think that looks good? […]

Hungry Joe

Feb 16, 2012


Oh hungry Joe he had a go On the challenge he did see Eyes as big as his belly to blow No-one could quite believe! A 32oz steak he did try With all the trimmings of course His delight he could not hide At the Hungry Horse So he ate and ate all he saw […]

Hungry Henry

Jan 11, 2012


Eyes big as pies He looks to the skies ”Thank you God he says Hungry Henry’s happy today!” He devours what he sees Rubs his belly then drinks tea Settles down for a little nap The cat purrs away on his lap A growl wakes him from his sleep It must have been all them […]

The Journal Of Darragh O’Shea

Dec 6, 2011


Darragh O’Shea takes a walk hence Into the cold clear night Winter has come with a vengeance Say some, ”Sure, we’ll put up a fight.” To a pub he heads this night so cold For a cheer and beer And stories to be told With friends he loves so dear His journal he has to […]