Posted on Aug 16, 2012


I watch the Basket sitting sentinel
Keeping guard over its possessions
Awaiting that moment of pure elation
When it’s free once more from its chains

It’ll carry friends far and wide
Rising higher and higher
To and infinite, beautiful, cloudless sky
Soaring to the heavens at last free

But at the moment it awaits
Patient and calm for all to see
Waiting for its companion to show
To become the shape it should be

People move away at a safe distance
As others prepare to fire her up
Horses sense something in the next field
Excitable as others chatter and fuss

Then slowly and slowly it starts to grow
The noise from the flame intense and loud
Colours bright as a rainbow are seen
As the balloon grows large and proud

Then eventually it’s a full size
The basket excited, restraining at the ropes
As she people board her in happy cries
Ready to sail the skies as the wind blows

And then she’s off, sailing high
Far up and away she goes
All look up and see her beauty
As the basket and balloon happily know

Sailing further away the fly
The people look down in wonder
Happy they are with their journey
As they look yonder

Then eventually she lands
Deflated the balloon for another day
The basket sighs, packed up again
Soon she’ll be out once more to play

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