Hey Man Chill

Posted on Aug 15, 2012


Hey man chill
Stop with the happy pills
Learn to relax and play
Don’t your humanity betray

That funny stuff makes you paranoid
It gets you and others annoyed
Leave that crap alone
Don’t touch its dangerous tones

Float on a cloud
Do yourself proud
Life’s too short
In its traps to be caught

All work no play
Makes jack dull they say
So pull away if you can
Let loose those busy hands

Smile, laugh and enjoy
All life if for you my boy
Play with it with respect
For you never know what’s next

Stop with the aggression
These days your mission
Joined with neglect
You lose all respect

Remember those whom you love
Don’t treat them so damn rough
Hey man chill, stop this now
You’ll lose everyone, never knowing how

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