Posted on May 25, 2012


Music playing loud
This festival of music
When he decides
What the hell to lose it
So off he goes for a beer or two
Friend in tow
An idea to mind
As the drink does flow

It’s then they hear
A scream from high
So they look up
To the happy cry
For falling from a crane
Two hundred foot up
Is a girl
Doing a bungee jump

So his friend says to him,
”Let’s do that
What do you think?
Are you a scaredy cat?”
He says yes, damn right
He’s scared
He’ll never do that
Find someone else to pair

But before he knows it
He’s climbing the crane
With shaky legs
Thinking he’s insane
Scared of heights
petrified is he
But the view is an awesome sight

At the top the crane
Does sway
Swinging left to right
The wind does play
Wanting down
His fear kicks in
Too late now
It’s about to begin

Feet tied tight
He stands on the edge
Two hundred feet down
He’s to jump off the ledge
He looks at the stage
So far down
Then straight ahead
At London town

A hand on his shoulder
He’s asked if he’s ready
One, two, three
The moment he has dreaded
The hand pushes him but
He freezes
Fear taking hold
He’ll jump if he pleases

A second chance he
Is given
One, two, three
Again he’s not driven
The man says to him
One last chance
Then there’ll be
No backward glance

So the count begins
Once again
One, two…
He jumps into the air!
Oh sweet lord
No turning back
As he dives down
He’s certainly mad!

One of his ties
Comes loose as he bounces
Up and down
Over people and houses
But safe is he
This he now knows
Happy to have done it
His face a happy glow


And yes, that fool was me…

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