Crazy Goose

Posted on Apr 20, 2012


Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose

Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose
Where have you been
It’s been a while
Since you were last seen

Oh Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose
Back in your usual spot
Outside that bank
How much money have you got?

Oh Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose
In the doorway you look
Is it your reflection
You think that looks good?

Crazy Goose, Crazy Goose
Maybe you think it’s a friend
Your madder than the locals
They’re all round the bend

Crazy goose, Crazy Goose
Mad you may be
But lonely I think
Who can’t fly away free?

** I don’t usually put pictures in my poetry or stories as I believe the imagination makes better images than I can put up. Everyone has different ideas and images to words that are written down and they conjure up images in themselves. They are their own power, but I thought this Goose both funny and sad ‘waiting’ outside a bank weekends and weekday nights.

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