Hungry Joe

Posted on Feb 16, 2012


Oh hungry Joe he had a go
On the challenge he did see
Eyes as big as his belly to blow
No-one could quite believe!

A 32oz steak he did try
With all the trimmings of course
His delight he could not hide
At the Hungry Horse

So he ate and ate all he saw
Including sides
And even more!
He ate this with pride

Like a hippo he did feel
As he munched away
Look out! He’s gonna keel!
Did someone say

Finally he’s had enough
Struggled did he
He feels slightly rough
As he ate the last pea

Plate clean he sits back
Undoing a button or two
From the staff he gets a clap
And his meal free to boot

Then to his surprise
Arrives his desert
No more please
I’m fit to burst!

Poor old hungry Joe
Eat it did he
His eyes a little did grow
At all there was to eat

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