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A Year of Regrets

Feb 18, 2012


A year of regrets he’s had Some even make him sad Mistakes were made His dreams did fade His soul he now to trade Why didn’t he just go When he had something to show He had the chance But held his stance Now he gives a backwards glance Missed opportunities gone He knows now […]

Love Doesn’t Pay The Rent

Feb 18, 2012


Love is all very well and good She’s been told But does it do what it should Once it has its hold Love doesn’t pay the rent It doesn’t get you that job It may seem like heaven sent But of something in you it robs She just wants some happiness But her father says […]

Heart Full of Hate

Feb 18, 2012


Why do you have a heart full of hate? You feed of it, a hunger to sate Countries, towns, people, even animals Don’t escape your wrath and heckles What has the world done to you That your heart is black and true You look to the past without research A bandwagon to jump on to […]