The Bar

Posted on Feb 16, 2012


The bar to him is where inspiration hits
A Guinness in hand as he sits
Dreams and ideas flow with ease
To him they’re a gentle tease
One after another does he sink
As he sits and stares and deeply thinks
Watching the world go by, in and out
Secretly he knows what it’s all about
Crisps open with relish of Ballymaloe
Ideas and drink meld as one to easily flow
Happy and relaxed he writes things down
In this grey murky bar and town

He sees the boy behind the bar
Studying at uni hoping to go far
Others he sees he knows they’ll stay put
Not following their dreams as they should
He watches a girl, alone with a cider
She wants to go out on all night blinder
But deep down she wants someone to hold
To take away the lonely empty cold
A man in his sixties drinks away
The bar is the place that fills his day
Beer after beer does he drink
And whiskies too he does sink

A family come in and order food
They drink and eat, livening up the mood
Oh the life of the bar is very open
It’s a shame you can’t pay for the beer with buttons
All walks of life walk into the bar
They come from near and also from afar
Stories to tell they all have you know
The staff have heard them all, the highs and lows
There’s a lot to learn in these amazing places
From strangers and familiar faces
A wealth of knowledge can be learned
Until last orders ring out and the night adjourned

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