The Old Man Of Kilkenny

Posted on Dec 2, 2011


The girl behind the bar smiles as he comes in
Old Joe Doyle strides in with his cheeky grin
A Guinness he orders, a Jameson’s whilst he waits
For the black liquid gold to settle, his mouth to sate

Stories he tells makes her laugh
Especially about the one-legged giraffe
His drink is put in front of him with a smile
He regales her with a story with intimate style

By the third pint, the pub starts to fill
As the night draws in, money rings the tills
A band come in to play their tunes
Fiddle-de-dee, the pub erupts in the room

The old man is beckoned up to sing
From his friends with a magic he’ll bring
So up he gets and sits on a stool
His stories to tell in song do rule

The bodhran beats its steady rhythm
To the music of the people who believe in
The stories of the song that is sang
In the lilting tilt of the old Kilkenny man

The night ends and he staggers home
To the Butts where he lives alone
He falls asleep in a happy slump
Tomorrow the same when he gets up

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