Return of the Lobsters

Posted on Jul 15, 2013



Lobsters burning in the sun! Picture courtesy of

And they’re back
these lobsters red
From side to side
they move like the dead
Crab-like and
snapping still
Yet more sun
they need to feel

Like a drug it
is to them
These lobsters
back on the beach again
Some on grass
soaking up rays
Burning their flesh
most of the day

These lobsters
fill all space
Greed takes over
their reddening face
Can you smell them
boiling as the cook
A bird hovers close by
waiting, it looks

But these lobsters
take no heed
From the carrion
who want to feed
Shorts half way up
their bums
These birds salivate
in their tons

The lobsters though
move on
Burnt to a crisp
out to long
Lighting up like
beacons in the night
These lobsters would
give many a fright!

Peeling, flaking and
wasting away
Overcooked and ready for
the plate!
Oh lobsters, you
silly fools
You never learn
the basic rules

But these lobsters
will continue on
As they cook and burn
in the sun…

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