Dying on a Lonely Field

Posted on Jul 15, 2013


The Battle of the Somme

Horrors of the Somme. Picture courtesy of ivarfjeld.com

It took him clean in the chest
this bullet through blood and vest
Knocking him back onto the mud
as the rain fell, mingled with blood

He lay chocking, staring upwards
as men all around ran forwards
Shouts and screams so far away
all going to their fates

A bomb goes off in the distance
as shrapnel hits others, no resistance
Back they fall, bloodied and torn
as he lies dying, lost and forlorn

Deafened now by that explosion loud
nothing can be heard, all far away sounds
Alone and dying on a lonely field
as all fades, he wonders if it’s really real?

And then he’s gone, trampled in the mud
lost in boots and others blood
Until only are left but broken bones
and others dying on a field alone

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