Suits and Ties

Posted on Jul 20, 2013


City Types and London Pub

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Suits and ties mingle and mix
in the concrete jungle past six
With the tourists and the grafters
all as one in their laughter

The rude and arrogant sound off
trying to show who’s boss
As others rip away their ties
not listening to their bosses lies

A community feel once their was
but the city grew and helped its loss
Now strangers are seen all the time
continuity gone, no longer there to find

Only the ghosts of the past are there
unseen and unnoticed without a care
Their happy voices lost in the past
as these new invaders obliterate shadows cast

Suits and ties now rule the roost
drinking in wine bars where pubs lose
Some hanging by a thread
others buried and long dead

Only the ghosts and the old now mourn
remembering past dawns
A few young reminisce for what never was
dreaming of a past at their cost

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