Lost in Time

Posted on Aug 23, 2014


Doctor Who - the 13th Incarnation

Doctor Who – the 13th Incarnation of the Timelord
Picture courtesy of http://www.welovesoaps.net

So twelve have gone
Lives long lived
Many adventure’s told
Much did I give

Not from selfish needs
Or some inner fear
I did all I did
To save all from outer-sphere

Monsters deep in your soul
And ones without
I shall never give in
Without a word or doubt

I’ll never leave you alone
My life’s yours to give
I’ll battle till the end of days
So that you can live

Don’t ever fear me
For I am a lord of time
I’m from Gallifrey
My home I’ve yet to find

Until then I battle
Daleks, Cybermen and more
Protecting all species
From those breaking law

It’s just my Tardis and I
Oh how special is she
Older than my lifetime
She but keeps me free

So with my new twelve
Off through time and space I go
Saving the great and good
From what they don’t yet know

The Tardis

The Tardis art by the brilliant http://nikitadarkstar.deviantart.com

So forgive my new demeanour
I’ve been through a lot
Just remember my past
Because temporarily I have forgot

Am I a good man?
We’re about to find out
Not long now
Not long…
(whoosh, whoosh,
Tardis fades…)

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