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The Storm

Aug 20, 2014


Deep in sleep, in dreams in what feels like an eternity Lost from reality from its troubles And then great flashes of light invade those dreams Like stars close up pure blinding whiteness Quickly followed by a rumble then a loud roar Like explosions in a warzone thunder making itself known This itself is chased […]

Anger of the Gods

Aug 10, 2014


Moody skies On a summer’s day Grumbles from the heavens A God stamping about Or fighting amongst themselves? Grey clouds rush by Chased by thunder Thor’s Hammer striking down In anger Hear its cry! Hear his! The Gods will not let up Shall not back down! Rolling clouds of emotion Stomp past above Striking awe […]

Before the Cock Crows

Aug 1, 2014


Awake before the cock crows As red’s and orange’s split the sky In an image as if done by hand A Picasso spreads the canvas wide The heat rises in the day Taking the breath from you The struggle to concentrate high As the sun beats you with its rays Little kids stay under shelter […]

Under a Willow Tree

Jul 29, 2014


A warm sticky day greets many a soul The sun beating down on lazy days A woman sits under a tree Willows drinking from the canal She sits reading a book Lost in its story on an adventure The shade cools her brow The branches sway in the breeze Calming her soul resting her mind […]


Jul 28, 2014


Countless stars above Swirling Turning In an endless dance To the music of the Universe The tune as old As time These myriad of Ancient lights so far away Look upon us all Covering our skies A blanket of twinkling diamonds From below On our revolving rock Stands a castle proud By a loch with […]

Something in the Air

Jul 6, 2014


The skies grey, clouds like rotten candy-floss Shapes like dragons moody and dangerous The air still, not a breath to disturb them Not a rustle, or even a whisper As if in anticipation of something to come Fearful of an unknown force The odd bird twitters a reluctant call It’s music sounds disturbed, wrong somehow […]

Journey’s End

Jul 4, 2014


The trees gently sway The breeze caressing leaves Singing the song of summer Carrying hope in the air They whisper a song of belief Of lost hope thought gone Now rekindled This dream of something more The trees dance the tune All in rhythm together Dancing as one To the song of freedom They spread […]