Devil in the Storm

Posted on Oct 27, 2013


Storms and Sea Monsters

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The sea rises high above the ship
as wave upon wave does ruthlessly hit

Screams lost in the roar of the waves
as nature and the devil compete for prey

Stern and Bow dip and rise
as men fall overboard out of sight

And then it comes from deep below
as men become boys, fear they show

‘Sea Monster!’ one shouts in dismay
but for him it’s much too late

Taken down to the yawning mouth
into the belly of very hell

Another ship tries to assist
but it bows, bends and twists

Tentacles long and large
strike ships and put fear in men’s hearts

One goes down, all hands lost
to meet Davy Jones, their souls the cost

Mast and sail last to be seen
going under the deep dark sea

And then the Kraken slinks away
beneath the depths from whence it came

All that’s left is the wreck of a ship
and one badly damaged, a near miss

The storm abates now but still it rains
for these men life shall never be the same

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