Camden Town

Posted on Mar 17, 2014


Camden Town

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In Camden town there is a clown
Who’s crazy days are wild
This clown never seems to frown
Not that you’d notice, his manner mild

Games to play he has in store
Anticipation he does feel
It’s his rules, his clown law
Everyone knows the deal

He won’t stray from his plan
This path he loves to take
No-one will rule this nutty man
For his madness is insane

So a drink he takes into him
Awash with dreams and ideas
His mind a hive of activity and sin
That sets his soul on fire

That drink leads from one to another
As he awaits his friends alone
Oh how their heads will suffer
They’ll need a priest to atone

When the sun rises tomorrow
They’ll pray for bed
Crawling into their burrows
They’ll sleep like the dead

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