One Hundred Years ago

Posted on Aug 5, 2014


Mons 1914

Mons 1914 courtesy of

One hundred years ago
war was declared
As many from far and wide
were called upon to defend

Postman, Milkmen, farmers
and more
Left for the battlefields
of Mons, unknowing, unsure

Some were kids no more
than sixteen
Nothing could prepare them
for all they’d see

A living nightmare would
they encounter
The battle, closer, ever

The Lee Enfield’s
their friends
That would see them through
to the end

Some frightened, others
A few already lost
like ghosts, restless

Thinking on home, of
decisions made
And their future’s

If only they knew
what was to come
No lost father’s
or sons

If only they knew…

*For information on the battle of Mons please click here

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