Will There Ever Be An End?

Posted on Aug 1, 2014


Gaza war

Picture courtesy of world.time.com

The ink barely dry
And more deaths announced
More bombs gone off
Innocents’ caught in-between

So much blood spilt
Over a piece of land
That’s not even theirs anyway
But history is chosen sparingly

Families ripped apart
By those who say they care
Killed by political blindness
By the ignorant and scared

Freedom comes at a price
For a price there’ll always be
It doesn’t really exist
Even in the land of the free

Swapping one leader after another
All self-serving are they
Feeding their greed
With people’s lives they play

Whilst ordinary minds
Struggle in daily life
With food and utility bills rising
All from political lies

But the blind lead the blind
Sheep stupidly follow
Unaware of their damage
Promises were all hollow

So much sad loss
No turning back the clock
But the future could be changed
If others stopped playing god

Israeli and Palestinian children

Picture courtesy of hmckzn.co.za

But ignorance always wins
Sadly always has
And flag waving fools follow
Empty-headed, en-masse

Will there be an end?
Not in my lifetime there won’t
For the fight is a drug
Over stolen homes

*For the people caught in the middle of all wars not of their making but those who lead them and those that blindly follow.

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