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Twilight Eyes

Apr 3, 2015


In a pub she met him, overlooking the sea People were crowded around, relaxed and happy to be There he was, on his own, sitting by the window view Looking at the water, he cuts a lonely figure too She wonders whether to go over to him, talk to him But friends she’s with, and […]


Apr 3, 2015


A long day I had No time to myself All work and no play Well, with a child did I later As my head grew heavy From the day’s length Waking in the dark And leaving in the same I was meant to be out With friends that night But loyalty got in the way […]

The Daily Grind

Feb 15, 2015


So another weekend has pretty much passed Already my eyes to the next one cast Anything but face another week of drudgery Hoping it will finally set me free? The nine to five is not for me Nor a life trapped in conformity Paying bills week in and week out Where nothing changes in this […]

Seven Days

Jan 25, 2015


Monday the day that starts the week Tired is she and hoarse is her speak From the party she did go Off to work now with a headache to show Tuesday comes to her lethargically The same old thing on this boring day Too long away is the weekend to her As she slaves away, […]


Jan 14, 2015


*Based on the brilliant haiku by Sumyth which you can view here along with his other fantastic work. Enemies stare across the field Each waiting to make the first move The ordinary soldiers, the pawns The first line of defence and attack Whilst the Knights stood guard Protecting their King and Queen Behind their Castle […]

The First Day

Jan 1, 2015


Chorus So it’s here, has finally come Midnight the bells rang out before the sun To herald a new day for a new year The first day of January with alcohol, fireworks and cheer For some it was just another day The clock stuck twelve, for them no play For others war still goes on […]

Same Thing

Dec 3, 2014


The same old faces Doing the same old thing Nothing much changes There isn’t anything new to bring The sands slip through Fingers faster every day Time do you lose Before you realise it’s too late Only yourself to blame No one else You can still be on a different train Instead of your soul […]