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Seven Days

Jan 25, 2015


Monday the day that starts the week Tired is she and hoarse is her speak From the party she did go Off to work now with a headache to show Tuesday comes to her lethargically The same old thing on this boring day Too long away is the weekend to her As she slaves away, […]


Jan 14, 2015


*Based on the brilliant haiku by Sumyth which you can view here along with his other fantastic work. Enemies stare across the field Each waiting to make the first move The ordinary soldiers, the pawns The first line of defence and attack Whilst the Knights stood guard Protecting their King and Queen Behind their Castle […]

The First Day

Jan 1, 2015


Chorus So it’s here, has finally come Midnight the bells rang out before the sun To herald a new day for a new year The first day of January with alcohol, fireworks and cheer For some it was just another day The clock stuck twelve, for them no play For others war still goes on […]

Same Thing

Dec 3, 2014


The same old faces Doing the same old thing Nothing much changes There isn’t anything new to bring The sands slip through Fingers faster every day Time do you lose Before you realise it’s too late Only yourself to blame No one else You can still be on a different train Instead of your soul […]

Tears Of A Puppet

Nov 27, 2014


Another day, another bill to pay, she’s bereft As she slowly walks to the door Gathering the letters the postman left This week she’ll be poor Yawning wide she sits down to eat breakfast The cereal all mushy Then up to shower and change, ready by five past For a job that isn’t cushy Out […]

It’s Your Life

Nov 26, 2014


You awake to another day Wondering where it will lead Wondering what you will achieve Another end, another beginning The cycle always goes on The wheels turn in a never-ending spin But you fight always Hoping to get where you want Hoping to fulfil your dreams Sometimes people won’t understand the journey you’re on They […]


Nov 26, 2014


I do not like football Yet you talk to me as if I do Drowning me in its boringness Assuming I am like you Whilst politicians tell us how to live Thinking they know best No matter what we say Or how much we protest Then there are those Who try to control other aspects […]

Wild and Free

Nov 23, 2014


Not for me your built-up cities where people live with insecurities Far too self-absorbed to notice life as it passes them by in the blink of an eye Not for me your Ibiza or Dubai Places where money goes along with a high Nothing there but a soulless existence where people live with false pretence […]

Leaders of Men

Nov 16, 2014


Here we go again, politicians fighting over money Power too they squabble over, no more is this funny The whole of Europe like a pack of rabid dogs Fighting over a piece of meat, these self made demi-gods Elections loom over a darkened land And the people are kept in check by a warning hand […]

Time to Kill

Nov 15, 2014


She sits on the sofa, watching the TV Not taking it in, her eyes don’t see For she’s thinking of tonight Time to kill, till she’s with Mr right Over in a different part of town he’s out On his bike, peddling fast, giving it some clout His focus should be on the road ahead […]