Tears Of A Puppet

Posted on Nov 27, 2014


Tears of a Puppet

Picture courtesy of http://www.dana-mad.ru

Another day, another bill to pay, she’s bereft
As she slowly walks to the door
Gathering the letters the postman left
This week she’ll be poor

Yawning wide she sits down to eat breakfast
The cereal all mushy
Then up to shower and change, ready by five past
For a job that isn’t cushy

Out the door in the rain she heads to the bus
Missed it she has by seconds
So she rushes to the tube, a car splashes her as she passed
The day is going to be bad she reckons

In at work, wet and late she sits at her desk
Making calls to and fro
From her boss and colleagues, she gets no respect
She just wants to go home

The day ends on a low as she walks in the rain
Chaos on the streets and underground
Getting home is such a pain
This life she leads, she isn’t proud

Once home in her flat she collapses on the sofa
Worn out and depressed, she eats a bar of chocolate
The taste comforts her as sleep comes over
And water wells in her eyes, the tears of a puppet

*First published on November 8th 2011 at 15:14 and re-edited on 27th November 2014

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