Posted on Apr 3, 2015


19th century engraving of a nest of vipers

19th century engraving of a nest of vipers
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A long day I had
No time to myself
All work and no play
Well, with a child did I later

As my head grew heavy
From the day’s length
Waking in the dark
And leaving in the same

I was meant to be out
With friends that night
But loyalty got in the way
Yet call after call I got, to go

Then it went weird
As the calls increased
Tenfold they kept on coming
But occupied was I this evening

Finally a message comes through
A rant of strange magnitude
In a drunken tone
Accusing me of this and that

That could only be from one source
Could only be from you
Words told in whispers
Told in volumes by you

Luckily no secrets were told
They stay locked away
For trust you with them I cannot
As you would use them in your games

For a loose tongue you have
And a childish yet dangerous mind
A viper you have become
Maybe always were?
A destroyer of all that’s good

Stay away from my soul
Your darkness creeps into my light
Trying to embrace its beacon
Attempting to crush my spirit

Yet sweetness and light you seem
To some but a dream and more
But trouble shadows your soul
A nest of vipers you birth untold…

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