Twilight Eyes

Posted on Apr 3, 2015


Romantic couple

Picture credit unknown

In a pub she met him, overlooking the sea
People were crowded around, relaxed and happy to be
There he was, on his own, sitting by the window view
Looking at the water, he cuts a lonely figure too

She wonders whether to go over to him, talk to him
But friends she’s with, and her turn to buy the gin
She decides to go over once she’s brought the round
But when she’s done that, he’s nowhere to be found

Two days later she is in another bar by the harbour
Waiting on a friend who has travelled far to meet her
He’s with a friend this time, talking away, happy and carefree
She’ll bide her time until he’s alone, then over she’ll be

Her friend has yet another half an hour until she arrives
So plenty of time to talk to him, his number she hopes he’ll confide
She turns away to face the bar and order another drink
Turns back around and he’s gone as quick as she can blink

She swears to herself, not again, he’s disappeared
Will she get another chance, this she hopes, but fears
Should she run out after him, catch him up, give chase?
Or should she wait on fate, see where it leads her to take?

Just as she’s deciding this, someone taps her on the shoulder
There he is, staring at her, he’s the one whose the bolder
”Hello,” he says to her, ”I noticed you today.”
”Also a few days ago, I just wanted to say

That you look wonderful, to dinner we should go
Here’s my number and a drink, the good times they will flow.”
With that he’s gone in a flash, leaving her with a sigh
That man with the intensity of his strange twilight eyes

*First Published on November 19th 2011 at 16:05 and re-edited on 3rd April 2015

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