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Sit and Stare

Oct 20, 2015


So I sit and stare Melting away as if but a dream I sit and drift My life parts in a sieve Falling away Falling away I see you but you not me What can I say, But I dream I drift, flutter away spread as if a dream But you never see Oh I […]

Shadow Life

Oct 11, 2015


I want a life Not this drab, grey existence A shadow fading in and out, Trying to find solid form Clawing at ideas of what I want to do Finding who I am meant to be Instead I battle against conformity Not wishing to be a sheep For I do not fit with the flock […]

Blood Moon

Sep 27, 2015


I have just watched the moon rise as if an illusion from my window in no time at all A blink of an eye! Full, fat and ready to go red! Blood Moon splits the sky across a canvass of blue black The artist a mad genius gone into overdrive People speak of foreboding Their […]

Something in the Stars

Sep 13, 2015


*I read my stars/horoscope today (I’m a Taurus and yes I know, they’re fanciful but I find that they sometimes help in my decisions on what I am already thinking anyway where those close to me cannot or will not help. Sometimes it takes a stranger to guide you to where you need to be […]

Distant Memory

Aug 29, 2015


*The following poem is dedicated to Palmyra and its heroic retired antiquities chief Khaled al-Asaad who was beheaded by ISIL after being tortured for a month to get information about the city and its treasures, refusing to give any information to his captors and ultimately lost his life for it. May he always be remembered […]

If Only I had a Time Machine

Aug 22, 2015


I sit typing my life away Dreaming of all I could be Looking back on my past As far as the mind can see I shake my head in sadness At all that has gone on by Many opportunities wasted It’s no wonder inside I cry What with bills to pay, food on the table […]

New Skin

Aug 18, 2015


So the wind comes to wash her away But here will she stay The old skin shedding this day A new skin born today A new life she will follow Wherever it leads she will go That inner voice she will say no She has to if she’s to grow This is the life in […]

The Rising Sun

Aug 2, 2015


I wrote this in one of my favourite pubs nearby called the Rising Sun, a place you should all visit if in the Hertfordshire area. The Rising Sun where friends do meet And strangers too with tired feet A canal walk, as boats pass by Whilst happy faces laugh and cry The Rising Sun A […]

Muppets and Lies

May 6, 2015


So here we go again Another election, a cross to bare These Muppets with their lies Who are they kidding with their crocodile cries It’s us who are always left last The ones who scrimp and save Only for it to go from one hand to another They never listen Only when it’s too late […]

The Dream of Maybe

May 4, 2015


Out for a stroll in the autumn sun She walks past people with money to burn Rushing in and out of shops they go All like ants in an organised flow Not her though as she slowly moves through The maddening crowds she wants to lose To a park with the peace of autumn to […]