Shadow Life

Posted on Oct 11, 2015


shadow man -

shadow man – Picture courtesy of

I want a life
Not this drab, grey existence
A shadow fading in
and out,
Trying to find solid
Clawing at ideas of
what I want to do
Finding who I am
meant to be

Instead I battle
against conformity
Not wishing to be
a sheep
For I do not fit
with the flock
I am the black
who dreams of
being a Wolf

I wish to escape this
town of little imagination
To find wonders and
happiness elsewhere
By the sea in Irish
harbours or English
Maybe amongst the
dreaming spires
or the Athens of the North

But I live this
shadow life
Like a puppet playing
for the crowd
Praying my strings
will be cut one day
Hoping to be
a real boy
Until then I but
dream, waiting for reality

Waiting for my time
to come…

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