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The Charge

Nov 5, 2014


I see through eyes filled with smoke and fear Try to hold back the tide of tears That will eventually fall if let Brought on by the horror’s I’ll not forget A yellow green haze fills the air As men choke on chemical warfare Our masks offer no protection at all As men all around […]

The Lost Soldier

Sep 30, 2014


His heart beating in time with the bombs He gets ready to jump over the trench of the Somme Commanding officers and friends close by feel the same As they prepare to play this dangerous game Shaking with fear but ready to go He tries to hide his emotions but they do show Just turned […]

One Hundred Years ago

Aug 5, 2014


One hundred years ago war was declared As many from far and wide were called upon to defend Postman, Milkmen, farmers and more Left for the battlefields of Mons, unknowing, unsure Some were kids no more than sixteen Nothing could prepare them for all they’d see A living nightmare would they encounter The battle, closer, […]

Battle Fury

Jul 29, 2014


Like a storm cloud is he His anger like thunder His roar resounds in battle Scaring many asunder His rage red as blood As that which flows from the dead His vision fixed on his enemies Themselves filled with dread He slashes with sword Cutting a swathe like grass Many a head does roll And […]


Jun 23, 2014


All he sees is a bloodied mess Bodies twisted, broken and torn Crows feeding off the dead Off the lost and forlorn He looks about in shocked dismay Saddened by what he sees What lengths does humankind go to In the pursuit of power and glory Using others as pawns in their games The fallout […]

The Last Battle

Dec 29, 2013


*The third and final part of the Pendragon trilogy Swords clash and ring out loud as they mingle with screams and shouts Blood flows and spatters wide as from the horrors, no-one can hide The Knights fight for honour and glory and for their King to continue his story But they know something is amiss […]

The Battle of Badon

Dec 29, 2013


*Part two of the Pendragon trilogy The mist shrouds the field of battle but still you can hear the screams of death Of the warriors who fought bravely on dying now with their last breath Badon hill is awash with blood heroes face down, some dead they are Stories will be told generations down told […]