Battle Frenzy

Posted on Jul 25, 2013


Caesar's invasions of Britain

Caesar’s invasions of Britain courtesy of

Screams all around
cries and shouts
No friend can be found
or seen hereabouts
As swords clash
and mud flies
Lightening above does flash
down on the endless fight

One fights on sluggish feet
trying to kill his enemy
Both of them do bleed
looking for a weakness unseen
And then one strikes home
through tissue and more
Crunching bone
with his mighty sword

Then something stirs in him
something felt only once before
A power rises from within
and grows evermore
Suddenly he has new-found energy
where moments before he had none
He knows it’s battle frenzy
as many from him run

Then it is all over
as he looks around him now
At what’s been done brother to brother
he wonders why, when and how?
Limbs and bodies broken
torn apart by fury
Left for the ravenous carrion
what will feed off them till morning

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