Posted on Jul 28, 2013


*The following was written in honour of all those involved with the BBC Series Hebrides: Islands on the Edge which you can view online. Anyone interested in visiting the Hebrides I’ll leave a couple of links after the poem. Any I’ve missed I’ll gladly put up. Enjoy!

Bay of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Bay of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
Picture courtesy of http://www.flickr.com

This rugged land
these wild seas
Live together
in natural harmony
But sometimes
they fight
An ancient battle
day and night

Caught inbetween
is life wild and tame
Struggling to survive
through sun, snow and rain
As the circle of
life turns
New life is born
ready to learn

In the sound of Barra
dolphins hunt and play
knowing the seas they
live in, in which they stay
Basking sharks glide
sentinels of the sea
Silently they drift
leaving all else be

On land there be stags
who fight for what’s theirs
Antlers bowed at the ready
from them they down stare
As eagles of gold
fly above
Searching the open
and the rough

Then there’s the
land, oh the beauty far and wide!
Mountains soar above
as the sun sets behind
And oh the beaches!
pure as its lover, the sea
Clearest blue the waters
golden and white sands, virgin footprints leave

Many a heart lost there
on these beautiful islands
so far, yet so close
from the rugged wild Highlands
Those places of peace
a poem by a higher hand
A work of art drawn by
other than man

Oh Hebrides, the
dream is there
This place where souls
can be laid with nature bare…


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