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Posted on Nov 5, 2013


Gunpowder Plot Conspirators

A contemporary engraving of eight of the thirteen conspirators, by Crispijn van de Passe. Guido Fawkes is third from the right. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

So here it is, November the fifth
A day of celebrating burning Catholics
And the plan to destroy the false protestant faith
Guido Fawkes was the man they could not save

As the guy is put onto the fire
We watch him burn, laughing, on the pyre
Kids and adults see fireworks explode
As the fire burns Guy to the people’s goad

His failure to kill King James the second
Was a day remembered and to be reckoned
Tortured was Guy, a false name he gave
Eventually giving up his conspirators, no choice to betray

Drawn and quartered he was meant to be too
But he jumped, hanging himself before they so could
Whilst he was alive, so sparing the pain, the agony
They continued on though and cut him up in symmetry

Then they sent his parts to the four corners of Britain
His head on a spike outside traitors gate to spit on
He would be remembered for this crime alone
Others there were who cast the first stone

No-one understands now about that terrible day
What it means and what price was paid
How thirteen revolutionaries tried for change
But were set up and left to suffer four hundred years of hate

If you want to learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, then there are numerous websites you can go to but Wiki is a good place to start for the basics.

Also this is an interesting article in the ‘what if’ vein. It’s not thorough but again basic. Interesting though:

And the infamous rhyme is on the following link:

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